Manual Driving Lessons

Manual Driving Lessons

It's the most popular choice! There are several benefits of manual driving lessons. Firstly, when you pass your test, you can drive a manual or an automatic. Secondly, lessons can cost less. Thirdly, you're more likely to become a skilled driver. Lastly, manuals can cost less to buy.

On the other hand, there are some limitations of manual driving lessons. Firstly, it can be more challenging to drive. Secondly, you can stall the car. Thirdly, you have more to think about when you're driving. Lastly, you may need more driving lessons.

Nonetheless, Emerald School of Motoring believes the benefits outweigh the limitations. However, if you want to learn more about manual driving lessons, scroll down.

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Chris Holmes
Your Driving Instructor
Chris has over 36 years of driving experience and more than 20 years as a qualified driving instructor. He currently has a pass rate of 80%, which is higher than the national average, 47%.

Benefits and Limitations of Manual Driving Lessons


  • Drive a Manual or an Automatic

    When you pass your driving test in a manual car, you'll able to drive either a manual or an automatic car.

  • Lessons Can Cost Less

    Manual driving lessons can cost less than an automatic, but we charge the same price for an automatic.

  • Become a Skilled Driver

    Studies suggest that when you have manual driving lessons you'll become a more skilled driver than learning in an automatic.

  • Can Cost Less to Buy

    Manual cars can cost less to buy and maintain compared to an automatic.


  • More Difficult to Drive

    It can be more difficult to drive because you'll need to use the clutch and shift the gears.

  • You Can Stall

    Unlike the automatics, you can stall a manual vehicle because it requires the use of the clutch.

  • More to Think About

    You'll need to think about the gears you should be in as well as steering and positioning the car.

  • Additional Driving Lessons

    It typically requires more driving lessons in an manual compared to an automatic because you need to learn more things.

Your Car - Ford Fiesta Titanium

Manual Driving Lessons Emerald School of Motoring

  • Comfort Pack

    Heated seats and steering wheel for the cold winters, but climate control for those warm summers.

  • Adjustable

    Adjust the steering wheel and the height of your seat for ultimate comfort.

  • Parking Sensors

    Our manual is kitted with rear parking sensors, which give you the little extra help when parking.

  • Sat Nav

    Factory-fitted sat nav for practice in preparation for your driving test.

  • Dash Cams

    We've fitted front and back dash cams for your safety and to review your driving when necessary.

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Not Sure About Manual Driving Lessons?

Automatic Driving Lessons

If you're not sure that manual driving lessons are right for you, why not learn more about automatic driving lessons?

We'll provide you with a similar overview of the benefits and limitations. Therefore, you'll be able to make an informed decision. You might find that you'll prefer to drive a manual despite your views at the moment.

Automatic Driving Lesson

Automatic Driving Lessons Emerald School of Motoring

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