How To Pass Driving Test?

How to Pass Driving Test

How to pass driving test? It’s one of the most frequently asked questions.

There are more than 40 million people who hold a Great British Driving Licence, according to the Driver Vehicle and Standards Agency. However, don’t let the challenges of getting your Driving Licence put you off from joining one of the biggest clubs. We’ve crafted this step-by-step guide especially for you.

Apply for Provisional Licence

When can I apply for a provisional licence?

When you turn 15-years-old and 9 months, you can apply for a provisional licence. In addition, you must be able to read a car number plate from 20 metres. However, if you can’t, you must wear glasses or contact lenses to meet the minimum eyesight standard.

Furthermore, your eyesight will be tested on your driving test. So, if you fail to read a car number plate from 20 metres, you’ll fail your driving test instantly. In addition, your driving licence will be revoked by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you’re honest when you complete the application.

When can I start driving?

Once you’ve received your provisional licence, you’ll have to wait until your 17 until you can start driving. However, you can start driving if you’re 16 and receive or have applied for the enhanced rate of mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Either way, you’ll only be allowed to drive with a driving instructor. Or, with someone who is at least 21 and has held their driving licence for a minimum of three years.

Meanwhile, after you apply for your first provisional driving licence, we suggest you start practicing for the theory test.

Theory Test Practice

What is the theory test?

Before you earn your full driving licence, you’ll need to pass two tests: theory test and practical test. As it’s a theory test, you’ll sit it at one of the theory test centres, where you’ll be assessed on your knowledge of The Highway Code, Know Your Traffic Signs, and The Official DVSA Guide to Driving. Although, you’re not required to complete the theory test before your driving lessons, we recommend that you do because you’ll feel more comfortable driving.

How many questions on the theory test?

There are two parts to the theory test: multiple-choice questions and the hazard perception test. Firstly, you’ll have 57 minutes to answer 50 questions for multiple choice questions. You’ll need to score at least 43 correct answers to pass. Secondly, the hazard perception test consists of 14 video clips of about a minute long. You’ll be assessed on your ability to identify a developing hazard and must score 44 out of 75 to pass this section. In order to pass the theory test, you’ll need to pass both the multiple-choice questions and the hazard perception – a pass mark of 86%.

How to pass the theory test?

Unfortunately, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Car Theory Test Data revealed that 47.4% of those who sat the theory test passed between April 2018 and March 2019. However, don’t worry because you and I both know they didn’t practice for at least 20 hours. Therefore, to help you pass your theory test, here’s a comprehensive list of free and paid for revision resources and practice tests for each section of the theory test.

Theory Test Revision

Multiple-Choice Questions

Hazard Perception Test

Find a Driving Instructor

How do I find a driving instructor?

Just before or once you’ve turned 17-years-old, it’s time to find a driving instructor. Fortunately, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has a directory of all approved driving instructors. Therefore, you can find your local driving instructors and learn what grade they have received for the quality of their tuition. However, we strongly recommend that you rely on recommendations from your family and friends. Note that some driving instructors will only teach you how to pass the driving test in an automatic or manual.

Driving Lessons

How many driving lessons do I need?

There’s not a minimum number of driving lessons or hours by law that you must have in order to take and pass your practical driving test. However, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency says it takes, on average, 45 hours of driving lessons to pass a driving test.

Nonetheless, it depends on several factors. Firstly, your practical ability. Secondly, whether you learn to drive a manual or automatic. Lastly, whether you have hourly lessons or an intensive course.

Manual or automatic driving lessons?

Choosing between a manual or an automatic can be a little bit daunting if you don’t know the benefits and limitations of both transmissions. Fortunately, we’ve already written about the advantages and disadvantages to help you pass a driving test first time: Manual Driving Lessons and Automatic Driving Lessons. Therefore, take a quick look before you continue reading this how to pass you driving test first time post.

Should I have an intensive driving course or hourly driving lessons?

Intensive Driving Course

An intensive driving course involves pre-booking approximately 40-hours of lessons. In addition, it’s typically intense as you’ll be learning to drive everyday over five or six days. Therefore, once you’re test-ready by the end of the typically 40-hours, you’ll take your driving test. Although you’ll need to have saved enough money to invest in driving lessons all at once, you’re more likely to pass your driving test as your knowledge and skills are fresh.

Hourly Driving Lessons

On the other hand, hourly driving lessons are typically one or two hours long spread out over weeks and months. Therefore, you can invest in lessons over a longer period of time, and don’t need to have enough money saved to start. However, if you’re lessons are too spread out, then you may forget what you learnt two or three weeks ago. As a result, it may be more difficult to pass your driving test.

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