Driving Lessons in Whitstable

Driving Lessons in Whitstable

Driving lessons in Whitstable are ideal for those who live, work or study in the town loved by Londoners. Although Whitstable is bustling when the sun comes out (to play), Emerald School of Motoring knows the quiet streets that'll make your first driving lesson a breeze.

If you're looking for modern manual or awesome automatic driving lessons, take your pick with Emerald School of Motoring. If the car you choose doesn't work out for you, switch the vehicle, and your driving instructor will continue to teach you.

Choose between hourly lessons or an intensive course. Once you've completed your driving lessons in Whitstable, you'll breeze through your driving test.

Chris Holmes
Your Driving Instructor
Chris has over 36 years of driving experience and more than 20 years as a qualified driving instructor. He currently has a pass rate of 80%, which is higher than the national average, 47%.

Why You Should Choose Us

  • Approved Driving Instructor (Grade A)

    The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency has awarded Chris a Grade A, which represents the highest standard of instruction.

  • Established Since 1999

    Emerald School of Motoring opened its car doors in 1999 and has strived to build a reputable brand based recommendations you trust.

  • Same Driving Instructor

    Unlike larger driving schools that have instructors joining and leaving frequently, you'll have one driving instructor from start to pass.

  • 80% Pass Rate

    Every four in five learner drivers that learn to drive with Emerald School of Motoring pass first time, which is above the national average of 47%.

  • Free Trial

    Get a free hour trial before you make a payment.

  • Hourly Lessons

    Spread your lessons over weeks or months.

  • Intensive Courses

    Be test ready within a week or two.

Choose Your Car

Manual Driving Lessons

Manual Driving Lessons Emerald School of Motoring

Manuals are more challenging to drive than automatics because you'll need to change the gears. You'll be able to drive a manual or an automatic when you pass your test.

Manual Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons Emerald School of Motoring

Automatics are easier to drive compared to a manual because the gears change automatically. When you pass your test, you'll be restricted to driving an automatic.

Automatic Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons Whitstable Emerald School of Motoring

Don't Live or Work in Whitstable?

Driving Lessons in Canterbury

Driving Lessons Canterbury Kent Emerald School of Motoring

Learn to drive while you live, study, or work in Canterbury. We’ll try to avoid the congestion at peak times so you can make the most of your lesson driving rather than sitting in traffic.

Driving Lessons in Canterbury

Driving Lessons in Herne Bay

Driving Lessons Herne Bay Ken Emerald School of Motoring

Drive around Herne Bay’s residential streets, tackle the Thanet Way, and even learn to drive on a motorway. With less traffic than Canterbury, you’ll always be driving.

Driving Lessons in Herne Bay

Driving Lessons in Whitstable Emerald School of Motoring