Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons

If you're eager to join the club of 32.9 million drivers across the country, you're making a great start by looking for driving lessons.

However, choosing the right car for your driving lessons can be a little bit confusing. Therefore, we'll give you an overview of the benefits and limitations of a manual and an automatic.

Whichever car you choose for your lessons, we'll be more than happy to teach you how to drive safely and to pass your test.


Manual Driving Lessons Emerald School of Motoring

A manual involves changing the gears with your left hand after pushing the clutch with your left foot. As a result, it is more difficult to drive than an automatic. However, when you pass your test, you'll have the luxury of choosing to drive a manual or an automatic.

Manual Driving Lessons


Automatic Driving Lessons Emerald School of Motoring

An automatic simply changes the gears for you, which makes driving easier than in a manual. However, you'll be restricted to an automatic when you pass your test. In addition, the cost of buying and maintaining an automatic may be slightly more expensive.

Automatic Driving Lessons