Automatic Driving Lessons in Herne Bay


Automatic cars are easier to operate compared to manual transmission vehicles. They don't require manual shifting of gears, which can be complex and challenging for new drivers. With an automatic car, you only need to select the desired driving mode (typically Park, Reverse, Neutral, and Drive). In Drive the car will handle the gear changes for you.

Less physical effort

Without the need to constantly engage the clutch pedal and shift gears, driving an automatic car is less physically demanding, especially in heavy traffic or during long commutes. It reduces the strain on your leg and foot, making it a more comfortable option for some individuals, such as those with mobility issues or knee problems.

Smooth driving experience

Automatic transmissions provide seamless gear transitions, resulting in smoother acceleration and deceleration. The car's automatic gearbox system determines the optimal shift points based on various factors like speed, engine load, and driving conditions. This can lead to a more comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers.

Reduced distractions

With an automatic car, you can focus more on the road and other aspects of driving, such as traffic conditions, signals, and pedestrians. Without the need to coordinate clutch and gear changes, you can devote your attention to the surroundings and potential hazards, enhancing safety.

Easier learning curve

For beginner drivers, automatic cars can be easier to learn and master. Since they eliminate the need to learn manual gear-shifting techniques, novice drivers can focus on other essential skills, such as steering control, road awareness, and decision-making. This streamlined learning process can boost confidence and help new drivers become comfortable on the road sooner. This usually means fewer lessons are required than learning in a manual car.

Hill-start assistance

Many automatic cars come equipped with a hill-start assist feature, which makes it easier to start moving from a stopped position on an incline. The system holds the brakes momentarily to prevent the car from rolling backward and allows you to smoothly accelerate without worrying about stalling or rolling back.