Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons

If you're interested in automatic driving lessons, you'll want to know these fantastic benefits. Firstly, you won't stall the car. Secondly, you'll find it simpler to drive. Thirdly, there's less for you to think about. Lastly, it can save you money as you're more likely to need fewer lessons.

At Emerald School of Motoring we use a modern Toyota Yaris Hybrid. This is a part electric self charging car. Being part electric and reportedly one of the most economical hybrids on the market, the impact on the environment is reduced when compared to standard petrol of diesel cars.

Emerald School of Motoring believes automatic cars are the way forward and would be pleased to show you the benefits of its automatic Toyota Yaris Hybrid. However, if you want to learn more about automatic driving lessons, scroll down.

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Chris Holmes
Your Driving Instructor
Chris has over 36 years of driving experience and more than 20 years as a qualified driving instructor. He currently has a pass rate of 80%, which is higher than the national average, 47%.

Benefits and Limitations of Automatic Driving Lessons


  • You Won't Stall

    As you don't shift through the gears or have a clutch to use, it's impossible to stall.

  • It's Simpler to Drive

    Put the car into drive, release the handbrake, and use your foot to push the gas pedal.

  • Less to Think About

    With less things to think about, you can focus on steering, positioning and awareness of the road and traffic conditions around you.

  • Fewer Driving Lessons

    As it's simpler to drive and there's less to think about, you may need fewer driving lessons. This means you could reach a competent standard and pass your driving test sooner than in a manual car.


  • Restricted to Automatics

    You'll only be allowed to drive an automatic, however in the future, standard electric cars will only be automatic.

  • Lessons Can Cost More

    Automatic driving lessons can cost more, however at Emerald School of Motoring, we endeavour to keep the cost of learning affordable and competitive. We have various packages at discounted prices.

  • Fewer automatic cars available

    It may take you a little longer to find a suitable automatic car once you have passed your test. However, nowadays there are many small automatics to choose from which would make an ideal first car.

  • May Cost More to Buy

    Automatics may cost slightly more to purchase than a manual car. However, if you take your time looking for the right car the price difference should be minimal.

Your Car - Toyota Yaris

Automatic Driving Lessons Emerald School of Motoring

  • Comfort

    Our automatic is fitted with air conditioning for the warm summer and heaters for the winter.

  • Adjustable

    The steering wheel and the seat are adjustable to aid a safe and comfortable driving position.

  • Parking Camera

    Parking becomes easier with the factory-fitted rear parking camera.

  • Dash Cam

    We've fitted front and back dash cams for your safety and to review your driving when necessary.

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Not Sure About Automatic Driving Lessons?

Manual Driving Lessons

If you're not sure that automatic driving lessons are right for you, why not learn more about manual driving lessons?

We'll provide you with a similar overview of the benefits and limitations. Therefore, you'll be able to make an informed decision. You might find that you'll prefer to drive an automatic despite your views at the moment.

Manual Driving Lesson

Manual Driving Lessons Emerald School of Motoring

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